Random Writings—Unforgivable (A Song Parody)

Rated PG

Listen to the original by Nat King Cole: Unforgettable

(Original lyrics to Unforgettable by Irving Gordon)

Unforgivable (a parody)

Unforgivable, that’s what you are
Unforgivable and quite bizarre
Take a piece of shit that clings to me
I would fling it like a ball at thee
Never before has someone been more

Unforgivable, in every way
A sociopath, is how you’ll stay
That’s why, dickhead, it’s untenable
That someone so unbearable
Thinks just like a common criminal too

Unforgivable on every day
Don’t come near the bar, please stay away
When you’re speaking, it’s unbearable
And I’m sure you’re unrepairable
We all know it, I’m afraid it’s all true.

2 thoughts on “Random Writings—Unforgivable (A Song Parody)”

    1. Ha ha. You know, I couldn’t decide who to dedicate this to. So many to choose from, so little time…. Not you, though. You’re my favorite retail Nazi! Wish I could have treated more customers like you do, especially this time of year. You’re a mentor in that regard. Thanks Kat.

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